Markbass CMD 121H
Markbass CMD 121H

CMD 121H, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Markbass in the CMD series.

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warwick 10/12/2011

Markbass CMD 121H : warwick's user review

«  Performing and traveling! »

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For specifications, see markbass site, it explains better than me.


The settings are easy to obtain in order to model the initial sound. Although the amp is small, we can clearly see all the knobs when playing standing up, of course, to touch, need to look a little but anecdotal. On connectors that are well hidden in the back, there is a hatch for easy access. Smart on Marco! A power supply cable of 3 m is significant. Or Speakon output jack (the same) to add more bowls, also significant.
In short, the config is simple and the manual ... well I dunno, I have not opened ... It is also where?


It is suitable for all styles. It also depends on the low hip. With a low entry level, this amp can save the day. With good bass, it's happiness. Personally, this amp perfectly restores my Warwick Corvette $ $ 4 string. His bold, crystalline harmonic or slap, do not settle for a 3 days a versatile, the VLE and VPF filters 2 are a good help. I full of effects pedals, the sound is restored.
I put 9 in order not to 10.


I have since late July 2011. I tried many other models but the one that best suits my application:
- A colorless his best to express my bass.
- Easy to carry (with one hand, the pedalboard in the other hand, the bass on my shoulders and I have her with me).
- Powerful (he're all alone but I couple times with a 4x10, then smashes it).
- In a budget available (nine, his case is not too much).
So I am happy to have found this chick used.
I put 9 because it is expensive if you take no chances.
Until further notice, I do it again this choice.