Orange Crush 35B
Orange Crush 35B

Crush 35B, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Orange in the Crush Bass series.

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Juli3n.heavy.Blues 06/23/2008

Orange Crush 35B : Juli3n.heavy.Blues's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
As already said, nothing more to add!

Ps: If it's a pretty color Orange, following me not a fan (in fact there are now so ...), Accommodations in use ...


Very simple, knob well made and more ca ... master volume and 3 EQ (high, mid, low)

The knobs are quite effective, we arrive quickly at the sound we want, without falling into too unstructured sounds ....
Not need books .... I opened to look inside, all was smooth, well knit, well-assembled!

Also, I am pleasantly suprpris the connection of the beast ... everything exudes quality!


I play .... jazz and even some Funk. I was told that it was far from an amp that was perfect in this regard because it has a sound that is not "neutral ".... well I disagree with one minor adjustment:

High 7 / 10 Mid 4 / 10 Low 6 / 10, I get a very good sound ....

By the way, making a triplet set (strip), there is absolutely no blow guns, but really no .... rare enough to be reported!

So I think it's a good amp can be just missing some bass at low volume ... in fact the volume "to perfect the CITU 4-5/10 power, this amp delivers a very good sound, more bass, a medium ... it sounds good, but let's say for a small amp, c is not always the top ... can not get the above ... it's There's a natural kind of distortion happens to me, and below ca lack of energy .... so 7, not very versatile !


I use it for 6 months (can be much more in fact).
I needed an amp for home, with whom I can have good sound without me take the lead, that allows me to do some repeated at home ... and can be transported to the occasion ...

This amp suits me so .... but small flat on the weight, a bit much lourdo!
Not so obvious that it was carrying ... say they sometimes wonder if it is a 50/100 watts? No, not that I say, a 35 ... but with a good sound!

Otherwise, you can not put the name on the brand of HP, but hey never mind, it sounds ....

To say that I played on a fretless fender, and even though we often associate the Orange Pop is not quite true .... after, it's just an amp to keep at home or a stroll to the small rehearsal or even to do transplants for small concerts with music, as to half power, it has nothing to envy to more ...

Quality / price ratio correct, paying € 200, a new version came out, I have the first ... the second version is supposedly better (source forum US) ... I consider it as I did not try ...

Live for ... You really have more power if you plan to do nothing but ca ... it's a shame that Orange does not in the same 100watt ... I'd better my new ride ...

A same title, it's a shame that other brands (Ampeg, Mesa ...) do not try their hand a small combos to good with good sound quality, without typing in 200watts ... (Because a hand that makes his MarkBass MicroMark 50W to 500 €) you have to type in power for a brand and a good sound .... Sincerely that still need 200Watt Full lamps Orange € 1,500 head ... it's expensive and even if it is, is reserved for the biggest concert, Orange why does he not ranges intermediaries? Today many of us, it is transplanted .... and is used as a return of the amp (very big back parfoirs (yum )).... not need the 600 watts ... it is for when you are very pro musician ... ca reinforces the image of orange you might say !

In the end, very happy with this amp at this price while the offer of its competitors and levels the 50/100 watt medium ... very good amp to play every day! Really happy at this level ...

PS: The best thing is to try it ....