Orange Crush 35B
Orange Crush 35B

Crush 35B, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Orange in the Crush Bass series.

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corsicaevh 03/03/2012

Orange Crush 35B : corsicaevh's user review


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for characteristics see other opinions


simple configuration not need this manual is very intuitive, we get a good sound after 5 minutes but should not expect a sound of madness!


it is versatile enough it should have all the following style if you have a good bass! I mainly play a Fender Road Worn Jazz Bass, a Spector PLO and a Mayan precision (of very good quality indeed ...)
I love everything in this amp is there not a thing throw FRAND.


I use it for around 3 years it suits me perfectly but I think I will exchange for an ampeg has lamps
I have tried SEVERAL models in this price range and I think it was the best I was very hesitant with the peavey but the Orange won!
I do it again without hesitation that choice of course!