Peavey MicroBass
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Jojolepoivro 07/29/2004

Peavey MicroBass : Jojolepoivro's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This amp is 20W transistor, despite its low cost, robust trs.
At c peavey 20W 19W inches by consequant, sound dlivr by this little amp is a monster compared these direct concurents!
2 inputs:
-1 For the low
-1 For headphones
4 pots
and the ignition is on the cot of HP (as opposed to 100W)
Note, a possibility of extension at the rear.
For transport, a grip is located on the top of the amp and a reel for the outlet is located on the back.


The configuration is an infantile simplicity (normal, since it is an amp to work his game, often beginners) and consequant, you can easily find your sound.
To help you, to the case where you would be really dull, the manual will help you find your way with some rglage pr-conus:
Setting-Rock (the Rock)
Slap-Setting (for the funk, mostly)
-Blues/country Setting (for blues and country)


Let's be clear, this amp is an amp WORK, not to play with his band! (20w is not enough for one battery)
trs but versatile, so you can learn about this little amp funk riffs to the red hot, jazz halucinants of Jaco Pastorius, and even rhythm are John Miyung metal (Dream Theater)
this amp supports all! (4,5,6,7,8,10,12 strings!)
but I find his parfection as well in the round that you will get easily by putting your treble on 4, 6 on your middle and your serious of 5
I assure you that even if I did wrong with a Hartke 100W (for the group), a home remains the best with my ibanez EDB600


I use it for 4 years now and it is with him that I apris everything (even the Jaco Pastorius)
his sound is a round!! captivating
hlas the equalization is commonplace (low, mid and high)
The ratio quality price is more than satisfactory, so much so that when branch was quickly felt like a scam reseller (150 E bombinette for this is given!) But will become smaller never great shame!!
Looking back I will choose exactly the same! is the best way to become good parents without crisis!