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MGR/Mike MGR/Mike

« Peavey MicroBass »

Publié le 12/10/03 à 15:00
I needed a small amp to play in a small church. The church is a small one room, so a large amp made no sense. I found this amp at a local music store(Hermes). My mom bought it for me being that it was about seven years ago. I'm 22 right now. I can't recall how much I spend(it was probably more than I should have seeing as how Hermes try to get as much money out you as possible.

I like everything about the Microbass. It sounds great. The EQ is simple but usable. The sounds are just what you expect from a Bass amp. Even though it's only 20 Watts, it's a very loud 20 watts.

The only thing I don't like about the Microbass is that it's very small that you forget its there. I can't tell you how many times I have smashed my foot into it. I even broken a toe on it.

Well the fact that I've broken a toe on it shows that it's solidly built(to the delight of my Doctor). I've used indoors and outdoors(with a PA). The amp is as tough as they come. I have had some 7 years, and it's never failed me once.

This is the perfect practice amp and performance amp(when you have a PA or for small performances). If buy this amp you can pass it down to your children, and I am not kidding it's that good.

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