TC Electronic BG500 - 210
TC Electronic BG500 - 210

BG500 - 210, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from TC Electronic in the BG500 series.

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Max G. Freeman 01/25/2013

TC Electronic BG500 - 210 : Max G. Freeman's user review

«  Good quality / price ratio »

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Value For Money : Excellent
TC Electronic this has an amplification transistor.
This is a 500W 2 "10.
The input jack is both active and passive, can be used if desired auxiliary cabinet, or add an amp head. (What I find a bit useless for a combo ... but it all depends on the use of each).
We find a connection in Aux. and headphone.


The manual is clear and easy to use the amp, it quickly adapts to the setting, which is a big advantage.

The choice of pretty well diversified.


I begin by discussing the effects of this combo:

SpectraComp it. gives more attack and a more dry the instrument is really great for Groove or Slap!
He is included 3 buttons EQ efficient enough.
-The Tweetertone I find particularly effective combined SpectraComp. whether for a game with a finger or plectrum.
-The Tubetone is the effect that interests me the most for my style of play Rock, Blues Rock. It reproduces very well the effect of tube amps, but unfortunately without missing a few natural for my taste.

I tried it with a low active and passive bass. I find it excellent for active bass (Ibanez ATK300)! But for a passive bass that's another story ... I am equipped with a passive bass (Gretsch Hollow Body), and unfortunately my bass loses a bit of his personality and woody tones.


I use it for two years.

I think it is a perfect amp to work at home or in rehearsal and elsewhere I recommend 2 "10 has seen a better definition of the speaker diameter smaller and therefore accurate and it grows sufficiently in serious to shake the walls, or even drop: D

I find it less attractive for concerts even though it is an amp sound, efficient and powerful.

I do not regret my choice, but my needs and tastes have evolved sounds I therefore requires more than most of the effects included in this combo, and I prefer a real tube amp.

This remains a very good value for what I think is excelent for home use and repetition.