TC Electronic BG500 - 210
TC Electronic BG500 - 210

BG500 - 210, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from TC Electronic in the BG500 series.

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Stephbasse 02/13/2011

TC Electronic BG500 - 210 : Stephbasse's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
It's a transistor amp, but with a real purpose lamp that gives a very round if desired.
Opportunity to connect directly to the mixer.
It has a power of 500 W and without playing too much we already feel the vibrations.


Easy to use, can record 3 sounds.
It has a wide variety of sounds: treble that one little crack to slap or mitigated to a rounder sound, which is really soft and cozy, if desired ... Opportunities within very short.


With a good bass (for me Musicman Stingray 5), I think we can play tt music style thanks to its large range of possibilities.
Note that the cash fine mega bass of the 5th string.
For my part with the effect "Tubetone" which gives its lamps.
I most often a well rounded but not stifled that gives accuracy to my game with the clarity of sound.


Very good value for money for this amp that do not look, but ensures that serious!
I've used Hartke 350W, 1 amp 3 bodies by repeating, in a combo trace eliot 250w ... and others ...
For a simple combo .... it really enough to satisfy and meet the greatest number.
Try it!