Trace Elliot BLX-80 COMBO
Trace Elliot BLX-80 COMBO

BLX-80 COMBO, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Trace Elliot.

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sirius1o1 10/06/2004

Trace Elliot BLX-80 COMBO : sirius1o1's user review


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<ul> Inputs
Input Impedance Passive Bass 2Mega Ohms / Signal range 50mV to 10V (peak to peak)
Active Input Impedance 100k Ohms bass / Signal range 100mV to 20V (peak to peak)
Effects Return Impedance 22k Ohms / Signal-level switchable 10dBv
Effects Send Impedance 22k Ohms / Nominal level-10dBv
Line Out (L & R) Impedance 1k Ohms / Signal-level nominal 10dBv
Graphic + /-15dB at 7 Center Frequencies
Mid +6 dB at 50Hz shape and 2kHz,-6dB at 400Hz
Frequency Response-3dB at 20Hz and 22Hz
Signal / Noise Ratio Better than 80dB (EQ flat, mid and comp out)
Distortion Less than 0.05% THD
sub 10 "
Spec's website, the eq is useful in situations cetain filter and active / passive shape + 2 + 1 or an in / out sounds more compressed


<ul> Buy user, rather c'tais plug and play. If you can not understand the effects it would tempsde without manual switch instruments: xylophone and triangle ... Three buttons for filter, EQ and tone (bass treble).


<ul> Power is my main source of grievance. Playing with my ibanez and yamaha bb605. I never had any problems except with my vantage that just too rotten.
The 7-band eq depends on the bass, but I usually disable it than anything he seems to have suffered over the years.
Filters work well for trs sound clearer, but they make me lose some power. When the tone dpent it to me to play, but I've never needed to put it back.
Ms. APRS so many years on his property, but is more compatible with passive pickup: TRACE-ELLIOT </ul>


For the price it is not shit, the sound is crystalline may not be as on the latest issue amp: mesa or Eden, but it is still the way to the jam and all sorts of music. suement ask you to lower your guitar's amp ... Pay 400 euro 600 $ can there 6 years of nothing at all I have no regrets. if only I won a million ... the amp section of wall ... (drool)