Trace Elliot BLX-80 COMBO
Trace Elliot BLX-80 COMBO

BLX-80 COMBO, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Trace Elliot.

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linn134 10/12/2008

Trace Elliot BLX-80 COMBO : linn134's user review


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original notice of 20/11/2007

Combo 80watts transistor.
Everything is in Jack and largely provided:
split entry for low active and passive
input and output for mono effects loop
and out to attack the mono power amp with another amp or use the output of the preamp
headphone jack

The base is a preamp BLX80 well known regulars Trace Elliot GP7 because it is the. A preamp pretty well supplied with a pre-shape of mediums and a 7-band EQ active.

Otherwise, the combo has an input volume (volume of pre-amp eq) and a master output level manager of the power amp.

All this is clearly readable and requires no manual.


original notice of 20/11/2007

This combo is already old. I have been lent by a friend to help me while I have a stack more robust. The beast has been well maintained and do not crachouille too, once the cleaning is to do anyway because this amp deserves.

This is not the first time I use it, I heard many times from this friend, in rehearsals and concerts. I was able to play it countless times, I can say I know him pretty well. It differs somewhat from the current model because it is the oldest version (MK.1) almost completely changed, electronic journal and redone, acoustic enclosure HP rectified and changed to a more dynamic (which I do not know the model, if necessary I can check).

This is to get to the point:
good dynamic. Compare with other Trace, the 15 Commando, the BLX is more nervous, more accurate thanks to its large diameter less HP. The sound is clear, even for a model that has almost 20 years.

good definition of the frequency range of my JB, round and velvety bass, but not without power, not too aggressive midrange and treble a bit behind. I say this for the record, based on the fact that I am pulling medium / light on 4 strings and I like the strings that have a little experience!

supports games on fingers and slap without flinching. May be too nervous to slap a very modern, but with a compressor that is more punchy. For the tapping I am not speaking because my technique does not allow it. The game is to pick furious rock'n'roll ... normal right?

No manual.


original notice of 20/11/2007

He sends enough for what I ask him to do: some passages in arpeggios and chords, heavy snoring for downhill run, slap nerve with a compressor and using the eq on my bass.

I do not use too much of the equalizer, my JB is a Mex Deluxe it allows me to do without it. For those who do not know, the Deluxe are active with a Blend knob for mixing the sound of two pickups and three knobs: bass / middle / treble and volume. Here is said, you know everything. I use a lot of the Pre-Shape switch mediums on the combo, especially when I use a chorus, so as not to drown the sound.

Clear / Crystal / Fat ... blah, it's too subjective. It sounds like a JassBass a Trace Elliot 80watts, neither more nor less. I know it's terse but at least it's not misleading.


original notice of 20/11/2007

As this amp is a loan, I can not afford to be choosy. In any case it is damn solid and sounds better than average. We feel that the stuff is pretty old but high quality.

I had lots of amps (not always of the opinion filed against it by) and it seems to me to clean the hard work and honest. I do not think it's enough "couillu" to make the scene without transplanting, but the preamp output seems correct to inject into a console.

The upside of it is that this amp is not mine, so I can tell you clearly that I would not buy it tomorrow morning. Not that it's not recommended, on the contrary, it's very good stuff. But I have in mind a very specific config home Glockenklang BLX and it allows me to wait nicely without spending a radish.

Give it a try, the Trace is a rather special and recognizable. This is a great combo, a little old but good times: an amp with a soul can be?

Edit 01.07.2008:
Change bass, up to an Ibanez SRX-595TGF ( see opinion ( ) ) that has a different sound than the JB. This is a 5 string bass with two large active humbuckers, it is even further from the JazzBass. The Trace is awakened as he took over the guy vitamins!
The "little hp" tolerated quite correctly even in the grave If infrabass. Far from the render as a full-stack stage (type 4x10 18 ") everything is still reasonable as long as the volume and equalization. The sound is clear, all the notes come out with a nice relief and satisfactory accuracy when playing with fingers, big attack with a plectrum and punch atomic slap.
One thing is clear: Trace is not the stew. Well yes.

I had in hand the Rockbass a friend, a model with two Corvette Active JB, it sounds open and clear, no worries. I changed my tune and I aimed the blow a great big family Trace heavier version ... Série6 head with a GP12 for example?

Notes revised up for it!

I do not really understand the dimension of the tsunami-daisies of this combo. Given its quality and reliability of the production (very British) 250euros seem to limit the gift. It's a great line amp friends, not IKEA furniture!

EDIT from 12.10.2008:
The Ibanez has given way to a copy of Rickenbacker 4003 Custom.
Back to the liabilities and the sound ... my God. It's powerful, incisive and super accurate but that grumbles. The couple is amazing BLX + Ricketts in slap, the plectrum and unstoppable super sexy fingers (no pun intended). Rock Sound in all its forms and without irrelevant. I am looking to test the compressor Trace and keep the grain gives this couple. It's a real great time low.

EDIT 22.12.2009:
Hardware changes again, the copy of Rick is a party for a while and replacements are rather badly: a Peavey Forum (United States) 4 strings and a Yamaha TRB-1006. Everything but the low end.
With the Peavey (a kind of P-Bass Deluxe more couillue) is hell: the low BLX80 does not cash the big Rican. The sub-bass do saturate.
With the TRB-1006, then 6 strings, no problem. In slap, no need to touch anything: EQ off, especially not in Mid-thing. It is simply stunning.

Big problem, BLX-80 amp is not a dwarf: he yells loudly. These are Trace watts, not the soft bwipe.
Amp untenable as training, quite playable by repeating (even for the big métaaaaaaal) and transplanted indispensable concert he did a great retour.Testé and approved by a colleague who has several decades of stage experience.
But in fact, it's still the sound Trace. He will be replaced by a head Phil Jones and a cab Markbass (and not vice versa) whenever the opportunity arises.