Trace Elliot boxer 30
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remy basse 08/05/2005

Trace Elliot boxer 30 : remy basse's user review


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Transistor amp of 30 watts,
1 input jack (for connecting the bass still ...)
1 headphone jack

knob for a serious
1 knob for media
1 knob for acute
A button to boost the mids
and a volume knob


Configuration is very simple, and we get a sound just by plugging the basse.Les pots are not an example of sensitivities, but luckily the sound input is very correct


I play on a tobias what I think and a avantage.étant said this amp is very distinctive and very low-end bass sounds on it.
He has a sound that is much lower oriented mediums especially with the medium function switch (button medium described above). This function also gives a boost to the amp. But I never use it, I even reduced the pots medium of the quarter (by pushing a little bass and treble) which gives me a well is excellent.Pour rond.Pour jazz funk I play with my pots of coffee.


I use it for four years and I have no pb with.
I'm pretty happy with this change I will ampli.Mais question of power.
It is an amp to play in his room (especially not in groups) through the definition of good sound at lower volume.
Above the 2 / 3 of the volume the sound begins to be saturated and confusing especially with a 5 string.
It is a very good amp for beginners and for all style musique.De anyway is it that makes the sound the player and not the material