Trace Elliot boxer 30
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MGR/owen the mod 12/09/2002

Trace Elliot boxer 30 : MGR/owen the mod's user review

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i got this litle practice amp when looking for a portable amp that was good enough to record with. It was about £130 pounds from sound control in sheffield (england).

i like its size its easy to take it anywhere really,(not all that heavy). It has a nice deep sound for such a small amp with a good bottom doesnt look to bad either with its trace elliot carpet covering.

unfortunatly the reason why i bought the amp was for recording but it has a hiss sound that is near impossible to rid off but saying that it is a fairly cheap amp.also the graphic eq (standard 3 band)suffers because of the hisssing the treble is not realistically usuable to a large extent because of the hissing.the worst thing on the amp by far and above thouhg is the pathetic usless mid range boost.personally im not to bothered about alot of mid on a bass amp cos it sound terrible but even if you do then youd be disapionted with this mid boost as it doesnt really boost as so much as it drains the sound of depth.

the constuction is of good quality as you expect from trace elliot errr what else can i say on this.

over all if your looking for a nice sound at a low price and a reliable quality product buy one but there are better deals out there for just alittle more.

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