Ampeg SVT-15E
Ampeg SVT-15E

SVT-15E, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the Classic series.

tubulubtu 01/24/2008

Ampeg SVT-15E : tubulubtu's user review


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I wanted to spend a 4X10 combo "a head and body spars.
The ct lightweight baffle that I liked I plan to put an EBS Fafner top


The sound is quite stupfiant, it is clear prcis.
In the low end is really rich and contrasts with many other HP I've tried (Marshall, Peavey, Hartke, Ashdown)
I have used with a power amplifier PA and a BSS DI box, it faithfully reproduces the sound of my bass (Musicman Stingray), and enhances color particulire.
Same for the slap, was working.


I use it only for 2 weeks with the config above and cit dej Ampeg is the quality l.
Report average quality but it is a reliable purchase.
I do it again this choice without problem but I want to pair a 2X10 "Eden to see.