Ampeg SVT-15E
Ampeg SVT-15E

SVT-15E, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the Classic series.

little simon 11/11/2007

Ampeg SVT-15E : little simon's user review


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For CHARACTERISTICS see the first notice.
I use it only for the time coupled with an Ashdown MAG300 head.
The config I used to play alone or BPS but will the weight for future concerts in small room.


It is a 15-inch trs not neutral. I am yet to see tonn how mdiums are well rendered, prcis. As for acute ... who needs acute? Not exactly hi-fi (in this case prfrez a 410 or even another brand).
I t trs agrablemnt surprised as he is able to provide the same equilibrated used alone. I use an overdrive and it restores trs much grain, which is rare with a TRS 15 inches.


I did that yesterday.
I love the fact it can be used alone, without dsquilibre sound. The weight is reasonable. I admit I have not tried other speakers, but I came across a case of the reputable and Ampeg Classic Series is not to (and trsmrite).
For the report qualitprix, unbeatable for me (bought $ 350 a person, still in the box). Good price franais better but you really need is a sustainable investment. Next step, the addition of a 2x10 and the purchase of another head.