Ampeg SVT-810E Classic
Ampeg SVT-810E Classic

SVT-810E Classic, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the Classic series.

TheShield! 06/10/2012

Ampeg SVT-810E Classic : TheShield!'s user review

«  THE ultimate speaker! »

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I said that I bought this cabinet made in the USA in 2007 which apparently has a better reputation than the recent manufactured in Asia ..
I play in a group recently and I Fallais a cabinet I found that cis occas and I did not hesitate for one moment has bought!
I use it with my Ampeg preamp please cl and my power amp QSC RMX 850 and I use it at home but a low volume of course ^ ^

The overall characteristics:
800 watts mono or stereo 2x400 watts
Runs on 4 ohms
Frequency: 58Hz-5kHz (therefore lower midrange typed in short)

For more info:


As said above the curve of frequency is 58Hz-5kHz and so this is exactly what I needed his typed a not too sharp and not too serious food you ears .. What surprised me is that even with a very low tuning (I play in drop granted Si) the thick rope is still feeling well and it's great! :)
The frequency of this baffle you are really out of the mix compared to your guitar and your drummer, I had already tried a Hartke cabinet as David Ellefson of Megadeth and rang much too serious sound was unclear and the bass really hurts fesait ears ^ ^

But as you svt810 classic sound of classic Ampeg that I sought thee for years! (Yes I also use a ampeg preamp but I already Prette of my cabinet for bass players who were Gallien Krueger amp or Hartke and he told me that the sound was exellent!)
So it is even for heads or not preamp Ampeg!

I confess that dynamic as a low volume tends to want the whole temperature increase especially when playing at home ^ ^
But once on stage that you can mount the volume please! And the dynamics and power of this baffle you jump to the face! :)


I use it for 2 months and I highly recommend to anyone who wants one to try an ampeg cabinets made in usa!
For I have no problem with this speaker is perfect and powerful enough for any kind of scene from a simple coffee Bercy in Paris ^ ^

I already try mesa boogies (powerful, but I did not have the small grains ampeg)
of Hartke (send too much bass and treble no peculiarity)
of EBS (which I found quite a lot but not enough to compete with ampeg!)

What I like the + ampeg is the grain that we hear on 8/10 album in the same temp and now it's really a reference I typed fairly low medium medium that highlight the mix here is therefore each of these tastes too ^ ^

To sum up: very powerful speaker for all kinds of scenes typed lower midrange with this grain as UNIQUE! I put 9/10 only because it takes a lot of cabinet space and is a true fridges to transport it is there are single fault!