Ampeg SVT-810E Classic
Ampeg SVT-810E Classic

SVT-810E Classic, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the Classic series.

chab5 09/06/2013

Ampeg SVT-810E Classic : chab5's user review


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800 watts
Can Stereo: 400 + 400 (although stereo 2410 stuck I do not see much use)
125cm high (ie useful for transport)

I use it for rpeter and concerts.
With my SVT classic is perfect, it's made for.
What motivated me is the diffusion and the height of the baffle, when I play I'm sorry but I have no ears or feet in the knees. Here at least I have my sound at the correct height.
Also no need to get too loud, the sound is distributed without cover other intruders (but could could).

I liked the handles on the sides of its small as 610 and 410 brothers.


The frequency curve is definitely not neutral and I am very very happy. This cabinet is really a typical Ampeg (besides the longer it goes the more I realize that the typed his Ampeg cabinet and it is not so much the amp head).
He has a way of thinking that really brings the heavy, "MASTOC", the bass and lower midrange tap it! If my big rope détunée in G goes well, as there is no vent there is probably less infrastructure, but the bass and low mids are accentuated thereby still hear pretty well the rope . In fact that the baffle is closed makes dynamic bass frequencies higher it seems.
I played for a year and a half on the 610 HLF and I myself the 410 HLF, bah they did not have this sound too heavy, too "filled".
Also I noticed that my big G string was "pétouiller" "saturate" the HP 610 and 410, then the 810 is not the case. I do not know that the cabinet is closed because the membrane is perhaps stronger than if the air compressed by the movement of the HP escapes through the vent? I do not know I just found.
No tweeter, I feared that I miss it, trying to see what it gave sometimes I cut the tweeter on the 610 and 410, the sound in the treble was not great. There on the 810, there is no tweeter and highs are good, but not strident good, the 810 makes my sound very well shut.
In fact, this speaker just has that much to send and sends it to the point of getting the tweeters and other speakers vents for gadgets!


I have since June 2013, I did two concerts, perfect is any good, and we feel the floor vibrate when you play in front of his stack, I love it. The bass goes through the feet, it's great!
What I like the least about this is the size to 810 Quetchua when thrown into the air for it to mount alone? No, it's true it's heavy and bulky but when you play you will be rewarded for his efforts.
The value for money, I would say normal. Other cashing more than 810 watts, but that the advantage of having "only" 800 watts, which is not too forced to the amp head too hard to move well the HP .. . finally the "too hard" is still strong enough already ...

Ahhhh yes yes sir. I remake that choice that's clear, sound and dissemination, in addition it is suitable for all styles of music.
on the other hand clearly to home we need another amp. And micro-scenes too. To play jazz not strong in a small bar, it is not suitable unless you want to play jazz as strong as the metal.