Behringer BA115
Behringer BA115

BA115, Bass Guitar Speaker from Behringer in the Ultrabass series.

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jhorloger 08/10/2010

Behringer BA115 : jhorloger's user review

«  Surprising for a brand first prize »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I think everything is said in the previous opinion regarding the characteristics.
I bought it at the base with a BA210 from the same brand for a stack not too big not too expensive up to redeem my GK 700RB-II
Finally I reached the BA210 which was really a disaster (The sound continuously saturated) and I replaced it with a Ashdown MAG410T.
This is the config I still today almost 4 years later.


The tweeter is a cat, he blows a lot. Once cut, there is a switch on the back that allows it, the breath is nonexistent. Coupled with a Ashdown 410, the sound is nickel. THE BA115 has no acute and MAG was not serious.
At least it allows them to complete.
I was loaned for several months in a Trace Elliot 15 inches, compared to the Behringer, and although it was a catastrophe. If he will not receive the my 5 string.
The BA115, my 5-string without cash bp. He never saturated and does not bleed into the grave as could make the Trace Elliot.
The aluminum dish gives it a dynamic sound and metal is the sound I wanted.


So I use for almost 4 years of 1 to 2 repeats of 3 hours per week, plus concerts.
He never made me lurch, HP has never broken, unlike a Hartke aluminum that has not supported most of the 20s 5-string, like what all HP brands may be defective.
What I like least is that the carpet is a real nest crap and are not easy to clean.
The value for money is excellent, I did not keep him so long to the behringer.
If I had no tunes and an urgent need for a subwoofer, I would do this choice without hesitation.
The wheels are a little gadget, but they are very practical given the weight.