Boss FV-50L Volume Pedal
Boss FV-50L Volume Pedal

FV-50L Volume Pedal, Volume Pedal for Guitar/Bass from Boss in the FV series.

MGR/Cat Rood 12/09/2001

Boss FV-50L Volume Pedal : MGR/Cat Rood's user review

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I bought this from because they had the best price. I got it for $69.95 new. I bought it because my Morley began misbehaving and this pedal has a minimum volume control feature which I need for my live playing. I trust Boss and Roland products. I have many. Their products are very dependable.

I like the small size of this pedal. It fits very nicely on my pedal board and sounds clean. The price was nice, too. And it's a name brand.

I can't get the minimum volume up as loud as I would like compared to the full volume but I'm learning to adjust to that. The Morley was better at that.

Good construction. You can't go wrong with Boss!

I like this pedal a lot. I've only had it a couple of weeks but I've used it live and so far it is great. Quiet and smooth.

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