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Thread FCB1010 problems!

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1 FCB1010 problems!
Hi all,
New here so I hope you can help.
I have a behringer FC1010 midi floor board that I want to use to trigger Ableton Live. The set-up is the FCB1010 connected to my Macbook Pro (OS 10.6.8, 2.53ghz Intel i5) via a M-Audio Uno USB to Midi lead. I've installed the latest M-Audio drivers and i'm running iFCB to set up the FCB1010. Problem is that I can't get any midi back from the floor board. I can send midi to it (tested via Audio Midi Setup utility), but nothing is coming back so iFCB constantly says that it can't detect the unit. I've even got a ART USB to midi lead as I suspected the Uno may be faulty but i'm getting exactly the same results. Any ideas????
Do you have both MIDI cables connected to the controller? In and out ??