Behringer user reviews

  • Behringer C-3

    Behringer C-3 - "Noisy microphone!"


    The Behringer C3 is a cheap electret microphone with switchable patterns. OVERALL OPINION The Behringer C3 is no doubt the crappiest microphone I ever bought! The noise level is so high that it is almost not usable. Especially in omni and figur…

  • Behringer MS40

    Behringer MS40 - Kergo's review


    I bought them as low-budget monitor speakers when I started doing computer music. To this day I use them connected to a Presonus AudioBox 44 VSL soundcard. I still use them for computer music with Nuendo. SOUNDS It's true that these speakers have…

  • Behringer Ultra Shifter/Harmonist US600

    Behringer Ultra Shifter/Harmonist US600 - "good"


    na analog, not rackable. UTILIZATION sound editing messy,manual useless. SOUND QUALITY used for bass, use tremolo mode as a whammy,with bass distortion. OVERALL OPINION do not use any other modes besides tremolo, others not to effective on bass…

  • Behringer Eurodesk MX8000

    Behringer Eurodesk MX8000 - "Excellent mixer!!"


    24/8/2 in line console Semi-parametric EQ 8 sub-groups, 6 aux sends USE I use it in my personal home studio. Classic inline console. Simple manual but not very useful, everything is pretty clear on the console. SOUND Very little noi…

  • Behringer C-1

    Behringer C-1 - "To start out before moving on to something else"


    What kind of mic? (for vocals, instruments, both...) I used it to rap and for vocals... Now I use it to sing karaoke with my wife The technology? (electret, condenser...) Condenser, cardioid, in short a very simple mic. OVERALL OPINION How l…

  • Behringer Eurorack UB1622FX-Pro

    Behringer Eurorack UB1622FX-Pro - "Try the XENYX1204 too"


    There are 16 inputs on the UB1622FX-PRO and a bunch of knobs and sliders. This mixer reminds me of the XENYX 1204usb mixer that is also made from Behringer. The UB1622FX-PRO is no longer manufactured and has been replaced by several models but I stil…

  • Behringer Eurorack MX1602A

    Behringer Eurorack MX1602A - "Loved it"


    This mixer is pretty good as most of the Behringer mixers are. The Eurorack series have been involved in my set up for a long time and I have never had any issues with them. UTILIZATION There are mono XLR and stereo inputs and a simple 2 band EQ. …

  • Behringer NOX303

    Behringer NOX303 - "Mixer and a interface"


    The Behringer NOx303 is a DJ mixer that can be racked if needed, but I preferred to use it as a table top unit. This mixer sits in solid castings and is built to last a long time. I love products from Behringer because they are affordable and made to…

  • Behringer DX2000USB

    Behringer DX2000USB - "This has it all"


    The Behringer DX2000USB mixer has 7 channels and it has very good audio outputs. This mixer is great for just about anything. It does not just have to be used for a DJ or club. It is also great to use for events and other similar activities. It has …

  • Behringer XM1800S

    Behringer XM1800S - "Perfectly satisfied!"


    Very good mic for vocals, which can rival with the SM58 (oh, yes!!) You can also record instruments with it (I have used it to record a guitar with a 4x12 cab, snare drums and hi-hats), but you shouldn't expect to much from it because it isn't meant…