Focusrite Liquid Channel
Focusrite Liquid Channel

Liquid Channel, Channel Strip from Focusrite in the Liquid series.

arnoldorodeo 08/11/2012

Focusrite Liquid Channel : arnoldorodeo's user review

«  A great original machine but »

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2U rack preamp is powered by the convolution: Modelling (at different input levels) preamps & compressors mythical (40 presets X2)


Simple configuration, the sound is to die on some preamps and compressors. I write this review Audiofanzine because I did not find much information about this product on the net ... I still took the plunge by buying in the U.S. (be careful though out the small change was 0.5 X 20 fuse 220v before use!). For all future users no lie: We must spend some time on the machine, for example by testing a voice you know well and then try different settings in order to better understand the opportunities available to you. Then it's a matter of goût.Certains presets are really incredible (Drawmer / Pye / Distressor / Summit TLA / Urei etc ...). With the little free editor Liquid Control you can adjust your combos Preamp / Comp and rename them on your computer which is not a luxury for all emulations have different names registered supposedly embodied. I have my little folder with all my personal settings & especially the names of real emulated preamps. Instead I spent two days in any set & rename to ...


The sound is sharp, punchy and very pure in connection ADAT / SPDIF. Note however that the latency: About 48 ms at home and in connection numérique.Néanmoins a definite plus for the arrangements on all types of instruments: Drums, bass voice and found a good momentum and a clear investment in the panorama of the mix . May be optionally added to the color (drive) to a setting via a rotary encoder. I was pleasantly surprised by the integrated EQ (supposed to come from the Focusrite ISA): Contrary to what I read here and there, this EQ is very good and does not sound digital at all.


How long you use it:
About a month.

What is so special that you love most, the least:
The lowest latency = good but it must be a computation time ... not always evocative names (factory presets) Caution on SPDIF! Focusrite = standard linker to two LC but not leave or enter the her. We leave and enter into ADAT or analog XLR only, plan on buying a cable XLR / SPDIF.

The more emulations are amazing. Compression has nothing to do with a plugin: Here is the top level The small publisher Liquid Control reagent well on my Mac & handy.
How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice? YES
I think it's a bit pricey but good ... The sound quality is at the rendezvous.
I plan to break my piggy bank in a while to buy a second one for stereo use.