Focusrite Liquid Channel
Focusrite Liquid Channel

Liquid Channel, Channel Strip from Focusrite in the Liquid series.

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mpariente 06/26/2013

Focusrite Liquid Channel : mpariente's user review


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For specifications, see below or on the Focusrite site.
Since my post on your favorite combinations had no success, I deleted it. But since I worked on the machine, and I have some preferences.


Operation is very simple, especially if downloading the Liquid Control, essential software and blackjack on the site. The "manual", a rather thin form, is perfect and answers many questions.
The sound? Just a killer. And I have two LA610 for comparison. To be clear, the sound of a LA610 is silkier, more instinctive I say, I never let go for a LA610 LC (liquid channel of course) for making coffee for example.
But still, ouch! Microphones on the LC is really a bit above: Dynamic huge équalo efficient, high-volume output. I was able to test and compare with the following microphones: Neumann U87AI, TLM 127, TLM 193, KMS 150, KMS 85, KMS 105, and Shure BETA87A SM58 or even an M-Audio Nova. In the end we see that the SC would sound anything.


Of course, everything depends on the preamp / compressor combination. When I bought the beast, the start was not easy: I did not dare turn up the gain and all preamps or compressors sounded a little similar. It was not bad but not great.
And then, like all machines of origin, must pack the input gain. And then, wonder! So I searched systematically any combination sounded best for singing or acoustic guitar. I have not looked at what matched the machines do not affect me (I have tended to more easily forgive the Neve or Universal Audio).
Finally, my favorite combination is the U.S. Modern Valve HYBRID1 (APHEX thermionics Model 1100) with the BRIT DESK2 (SSL SL4000G +). This is obviously very subjective, but can serve as a basis for further research.
Apart from the U.S. Modern Valve, I also loved these preamps: Savillerow (Helios), FF RED1 (Focusrite RED1) and SWIISROLL (Studer D19). To a lesser extent, SCARLET (DW FEARN VT2) NASHVILLE BRIT CLASSIC DESK5 (Trident MTA), or OLD TUBE (Pultec MB-1).
For compressors, apart BRIT DESK2 (SSL SL4000G +), I enjoyed LIVE SOUND / BRIT LIVE SOUND 1 (BSS DPR402) or VINTAGE / U.S. VINTAGE TUBE 1 (FAIRCHILD 670 for use in radio voice for example) . Not bad STELLAR3 (LA 3A) BRIT DESK1 (Neve VR console) or FF RED7 (Focusrite RED 7).
As I wrote above, these combinations sound provided the gain stuff (I do not hesitate to fling a U87 50 db 60 db or a TLM 127) and open harmonics furiously button.


I have tried on a bunch of slices (Behringer, Joemeek and Co.). Not one comes close to the monster.

The Qualie / price ratio is unnecessary in this case: this machine is of such quality that the price, who cares, especially if one is used.

I still keep the LA610 but I bought a second LC, as this machine is indispensable to me.