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MGR/Czar 09/16/2010

Joemeek TwinQ : MGR/Czar's user review

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I'm not a fan of green but the joemeek twinQ is sexy. Dual channel strip with EQ, compressor, and mic pre, and of course DI.

I got this to have a channel strip to use for recording and to run tracks through to mix. I purchased this from American Musical for $949 and got two free Joemeek mics with them as well.

The mic pre sounds good. I wouldn't put them up there with API and Trident pre's but they are a step up from your typical audio interface pre's. I like the EQ, I like to add some air to vocals while recording and this has a 12k button. The twinQ has digital out which is great if you don't want your interface to do A/D conversion on your signal.
The DI sounds GREAT on bass. This unit has given me the best bass sound I've ever recorded.

My biggest gripe is the compressor. I just couldn't get a gentle setting from it, which is what I wanted on vocals.

The build quality is good.

If your a guitar player you would love this, as far as for vocals I just couldn't get it to do what I wanted. This unit just doesn't fit my needs, but in the right hands I do believe it can work magic.

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