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Chris Martins 03/26/2005

Joemeek TwinQ : Chris Martins's user review


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This is a stereo compressor with EQ Preamp XLR, Jack, SPDIF, AES / EBU, Optical short everything you could ask him. PLus it would be too much for the price ... in fact no, it's never too


The manual is a model of vacuum. A simple job description and no examples of presets or treatments. At the same time 10 minutes to realize we have a pretty intuitive machine (except for compression, as usual ...) and that sounds. The EQ has single-handedly justifies the purchase, so when we add the compressor that tears it is a matter not to be missed.


In short ... it is no problem of machine two to three times more expensive in terms of sound reproduction. Much more neutral than other Joe Meek older, but you get a get that signature sound very rock classics. On acoustic guitars the rendering is amazing presence and dynamic, and the compressor does its job in a very transparent. The EQ is extremely accurate and overcomes the limitations of certain sources. It will transform your guitar not travel Jumbo illusion but it will quite a mix. Special mention to IRON pad that gives a semi-dynamic sources close to unbelievable. In short we can not at Avalon (although ...) but it was worth the dough and a little more. The preamp is very straight and quite soft. The grave held good, the mids and highs are clear and crystalline soft at the same time. Brief happiness. On a vote, the EQ gives results very hot or very dry depending on what is asked of him. What is a la carte.


Bon ben say that except that I love! I was offered the choice between a 2022 avalon and this one and I could not justify the price difference. The sound is different, not better (for me) just different. In both cases means a richness and precision that is lacking in midrange console on which I used to work. To use without moderation on sensitive sources (vocals, acoustic guitar) and to boost the signal more violent (kick / snare and amps). I guess it should also do well in case of a direct low-active May I have not tried ... like good idea for the end of the afternoon ... you Take it if you come across, ca seriously the fact ...