Joemeek VC6Q
Joemeek VC6Q

VC6Q, Channel Strip from Joemeek.

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chrislieck 09/25/2012

Joemeek VC6Q : chrislieck's user review

« Good for the $$$ »

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XLR and 1/4"Rack Input and the sound is all JOE MEEK. If you like the sound you will love this unit. This is a great sounding unit for the money. Are there better ones, yes. Does it have it's own sound, yes. So if you like to hear your pre amp working then this unit will suit you well. It has about everything you would need for a pre amp at a cheap range. It will be hard to mess up with this unit for the price but I find it very colored sounding and I liked it best on guitars to be honest. I do like the ease of the unit and for the students I teach it is a good unit at a good price point which makes it appealing. I do think that you will notice the sound of the pre amp immediately. The only thing I like about the color that it provides is that it is not to saturated and over done or intruding. I have heard most pre amps in this price range and they have a real specific tone and you it is not a classic sounding as this. It has a great almost old school sound and it is noticeable on hotter input levels. I ran a bass guitar through the unit and once the input gain was close to zero it was evident that the unit has specific sound. I might even say that it is close to a dbx older one that is. Bass and guitars is all I have used this unit on and it sounds really good for the money.


Easy as hell to use and it is very very user friendly. It's not any rocket science. Get a strong input, adjust the output to give you headroom in Pro Tools and then decide how much coloring you want. The more input you hit this unit with the more the JOE MEEK sound will appear. I call the sound a it more processed that clean or clear. I have never head a clean or clear Joe Meek and I also have their twin EQ and use if for drums.


The sound quality if very good but the effected sound is definitely colored. I think that if you are on a budget this pre amp is a good buy and you will get some good mileage out of it. Resale on these units is a bit low. I would buy this if I were on a budget and needed a diverse pre amp.


Pretty good Pre Amp and a good sound but very specific. I think if you are use to the JOE MEEK sound then you will like the ease of use of this Pre, but if you like a real transparent Pre Amp, then consider one of the ISA's from Focusrite.

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