Joemeek VC6Q
Joemeek VC6Q

VC6Q, Channel Strip from Joemeek.

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vsavagellc 10/26/2011

Joemeek VC6Q : vsavagellc's user review

« I love this booger »

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This is one ugly unit, its GREEN. I've been tempted to repaint it but just never got around to it but anywhere lets let at what we're getting out of this channel strip pre

Mic Preamp
Insert Point
Dual Outputs
Mic/Instrument input
Ugly green color
Phantom Power


This preamp is easy to configure (manual not needed. The manual is very easy to follow, I mean my son can go over it and understand what the preamp does and exactly how to use it.

The features (listed above) are simple to use and modify the manual even gives some tips on how and when to use them.

Most people use mic preamps to amplify their mic signal others use it for instruments as well as other audio signals


Unlike a lot of other preamps in the price range of $100-$250 this one has a very unique sound. It's very warm and crunchy but not the crunchy you'd hear from like an S950 sample. It's sound is called the "British Sound" in fact, the best comparison I can give is the sound the Beatles had back in their day..

The meek sounds good on both and male and female vocals. I haven't tested many mics on this unit the only ones I have tested were the following:

Behringer B2
Studio Projects B3
Nueman U87
Nady Scm 90
JM47 (joe meek)

all mics complimented well.


My only gripe with this preamp is it's cosmestic look (the green color) aside from that it's a great unit. I use it a lot for sound designing (more than vocals) my clients have no complaints and neither do I. There are a lot of other preamps out there and maybe I'm attached to this one because it was my 1st? There is some truth to that but for the money its a steal, especially these days because they're cheaper than what I paid for it back in 00.

Other preamps I've worked with over the years include

Art (Pro channel to be specific)

I've worked with a lot of quality once but the meek get's my vote because it's quality and the sound is unique.