Manley Labs Voxbox
Manley Labs Voxbox

Voxbox, Channel Strip from Manley Labs.

rroland 11/18/2007

Manley Labs Voxbox : rroland's user review


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See manufacturer's website. This is a "channel strip" version Manley.


Who is the mtier, we can do without the instructions (that said, this would be a shame, it is very well rdig.
For others, the operation may seem more difficult.


Prampli neutral or color choice, but always classy. Whatever the source plans (sr good voice, but also everything else). EQ natural. Dsagrable no effect.


One of the best "super channel". Soft, crmeux without being soft. Especially the compression is patante, natural (even when you enter it), and the de-esser Intgr acts without side effects. Nothing to do with a plug in that the ssss enlve to clone the cccchhhheveu the language
The type of purchase you'll never regret