Manley Labs Voxbox
Manley Labs Voxbox

Voxbox, Channel Strip from Manley Labs.

rootsassociation 10/02/2007

Manley Labs Voxbox : rootsassociation's user review


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See user manual or official website manleylabs.


Configuration gnrale Is it easy?
Medium, the machine calls for it looks like all great things!
The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Yes, but in English ...


The sound of your instruments or microphones is properly reproduced?
This is the cream of the crme "channel strip" is really high-end trs! The sound is a natural musicality and a Ingal!
The prampli is it clear or does it brings a stain?
Color of life, velvet!


This machine is simply amazing! 3 rack units, with its yellow lighting "supported" in a rack, it's love at first sight ensured!
Coupled a M149, it is simply a must!
Pramplification part is great, less color than the 6176 AU, but can be more "subtle," although I am a fan of the AU 6176.
Compression is less effective, less "radical" than 6176 AU but one outstanding musical. FYI, the compression before the game pramplification is a formidable ingniosit!
The 3-band EQ is, damage, we would like the 4-band but we have to justify the Massive Passive in addition to its stro ct.
All that can stepfather "ugly" in another prampli emerges from this machine "magnifiquot;. It gives me" The Alchemist "the channel strip!