Abbey Road Plug-ins RS124 Compressor
Abbey Road Plug-ins RS124 Compressor

RS124 Compressor, Software compressor from Abbey Road Plug-ins.

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songboy 08/03/2011

Abbey Road Plug-ins RS124 Compressor : songboy's user review

« A must have »

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This plugin has performed flawlessly on a macbook pro i7 core and Logic 9. The great thing about plugins like these is that if you have ever used hardware, then you should have no issues using these guys. No need for a manual, this only has a couple parameters to tweak. The configuration couldn't be simpler. It looks like the real thing and is very simple to use so most people should be able to dive right in. Yes, all the functions are very easily accessible and can be automated very easily with Logic 9.


So far the plugin has been perfectly stable. I have never had any issues with lost presets or crashes.
The performance of this unit is amazing. The sound is awesome and quite realistic. Although I have never had the privilege to use one of these actual hardware units but in comparison to other hardware compressors this one holds it's own. What's really nice is the plugin uses almost no CPU. Instead of having to use it on an Aux channel I can have one of these on every track I need one on. That's huge in the Virtual world. I have been using this unit for about a month.


What I like most about this plugin is a combination of the sound and the fact that it is a plugin that I can instantiate as many times as I need and not suffer loads of CPU pressure. Combine all that with that fact that I can automate all the parameters and it's hard to look at some of the hardware units I have lying around. What don't I like? I guess nothing so far. I have to say I am impressed with the warmth of this plugin. Digital audio is really getting impressive. $165 is not a bad price to pay for this caliber of sound quality and flexibility. I have used several compression plugins including waves (generally my favorite), schaak audio transient shaper, built in Logic and Ableton compressors, etc.... and this one has gone right to the top with my Waves.
Yes, I would buy this unit again. I would recommend getting a Waves package first for the diversity but this is a great add on to the arsenal.