The Outhouse Inerthia
The Outhouse Inerthia

Inerthia, Software compressor from The Outhouse.

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The Outhouse Inerthia 1.70

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The Outhouse presents the 1.70 version of Inerthia, a VCA Opto compressor plug-in for the PC VST format.

  • Latency free. Zero ms Latency unless you hit the LAH ( Look A Head) 2 ms button.Then it would be 2 milliseconds LAH effectively killing any poor transient you might have had.
  • Fast Attack time from 0 ms
  • Fast Release with PDR (Program Dependent Release)
  • Variable knee from Soft through Linear to Hard.
  • Variable character from true VCA to Opto.
  • A nice sounding Lowcut filter and Hicut filter with Q knobs so that you can add some bottom or high-end to your material. It also has a semi automatic bypass button that lets you double check what you are doing.
  • A vintage styled SClip (softclip)
  • A very broad Bandpass Side-chain that makes it easy to use as e.g. DeEsser or to get a vintage styled compression. A listen button lets your hear your sidechain signal and while that is engaged a flashing light above the Ratio knob will tell you that you are in "Listening mode"
  • A mix parameter to mix the dry signal with the compressed.
  • A input gain Trim to adjust for low gain signals or to modify the fixed Threshold (-30dB)
  • Works at Sample Rate which gives very nice result. Especially if you belong to the lucky few that gets to use 96kHz or more.
  • Two oldstyle VUs that can be set in 3 ways to display different things. e.g. VU 1 shows Left channel Output and VU 2 shows the Gain Reduction
  • A variable Peakmeter that displays Input, Gain Reduction and Output. It can be set to display from -60dB up to -6dB by simply dragging your mouse up and down in the peakmeter area. Watch the result in the presets area.

Version 1.70 adds:
  • Opto compression as an option. It is adjusted with a knob from VCA to Opto.
  • A bunch of bugs iwere cleaned up n the sidechain part.
  • Remade the graphics slightly to fit the new VCA-Opto knob. Also fixed the graphics around the peak meters.
  • The softclip was moved so it's now placed after the sidechain listen and mono switches.
  • Modified the Release times slightly.
To download a demo, click here, to buy it, the price is €90.
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