Variety Of Sound Density mkII
Variety Of Sound Density mkII

Density mkII, Software compressor from Variety Of Sound.

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Terch 09/11/2009

Variety Of Sound Density mkII : Terch's user review


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Installation nickel: a dll in the vst folder.

The general pattern is clear, however, we must read the instruction "manual to master the complete compressor. The downside: too much to want to do in the GUI" vintage ", we are left with some tiny adjustments (cf knob" Dry / Wet "and knob" Strict / Relax "). But the plug is much clearer and more intuitive than the version 1.

No incompabilité encountered (Sonar 8PE).

Comprehensive manual in English.


I'm working on a Quad Q9550, so no worries on that side, the plug is fully optimized SSE.

No Plantade to indicate, however, since I use half a day. But as I am (was) a big user of version 1 of Density and this one has never crashed, I hope that this new version will be stable.


I use a lot of freeware compression, including versions of UAD, Waves, Flow, etc.. So I think the top of the basket.

This app is very inspired by the legendary compressor vintage "Fairchild", as it is a real "glue" to the mix. The sound quality is amazing, nothing to envy the UAD version. It goes even further in the effects of cutbacks: be careful with dosages if you do not want to bind a mix too, and by the same token, the gun down.

I was looking for an alternative version UAD Fairchild does not suit me so much, and there, I found. And with this version mkII, the sound quality is to go.
This plug is a killer, one of my references. And with all its features (parallel compression, compression M / S), it makes it ultra versatile compressor, which is difficult to handle, but once understood it becomes a formidable weapon.

Large publishers have the trouble to do because it's freeware ...