Audio Ease Altiverb 5 Native
Audio Ease Altiverb 5 Native

Altiverb 5 Native, Software convolution reverb from Audio Ease.

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SampleHunter 09/17/2008

Audio Ease Altiverb 5 Native : SampleHunter's user review


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Installation classic and very simple, clear manual. 600 MB of pulses to load all the same.


Good performance, attention is a plug greedy. However on my laptop desktop dual core 1.83 a small, unpretentious, I open easily in 8 instances 4ms latency, which is HUGE. Intel thank you ...
Everything is perfectly stable (cubase, sonar).
A small flaw: the plug is a little long to load when opening projects. (Ah those discs that still linger 7200)


In a life of Homestudiste, there is a 'before' convolution reverb and 'after'.
It's all just a miracle of technology.

WARNING: the atmosphere is recreated tellements real nice and we ended up crushing these microphones on the players to do anything to get the acoustics of the place of recording. We do not want to hear that the work of the convolution. And it's so beautiful!!

So obviously to be placed in auxiliary (as a result, an instance is more than enough)

The plug of Audio Ease is the most beautiful
+ With very interesting photos of places were captured the impuslions: the choice is very fast.
+ Many parameters to adjust the color, the width of the effect .... etc
+ Very very wide range of pulses all really usable

less, the interface is sometimes small (small buttons, small menus) not always easy to handle.

But hey, the rest is simply amazing, inconceivable to work without it.