Manley Labs Dual Mono Tube Direct Interface
Manley Labs Dual Mono Tube Direct Interface

Dual Mono Tube Direct Interface, DI from Manley Labs.

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Nonolepiano 05/09/2012

Manley Labs Dual Mono Tube Direct Interface : Nonolepiano's user review

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Tube technology, it comes into jack instrument level, you go out XLR mic level, as a DI what!
There is a link that allows you to rebalance the dry signal in such a guitar amp ...
There is a switch ground / lift and EQ presets effective (but may be less than the Avalon U5) About to moderate because I've never heard the two together
Super rugged 1U


Very simple, you walk in you comes out and you turn the knobs for eq


I love this grain, I usually get behind an SSL VHD Pre, (one stereo preamp that I have) and it really is better than live in the DI of SSL, however, not rotten.
No background noise or blast a huge sound!
Slight subtle coloring, grain Manley, very deep bass


I've had two years ago, I tried the Avalon U5 ausi nice especially for his line-out, the BSS AR116 DI and Palmer pan 03
The manley is far ahead and the same level as the avalon I think (for my use mostly synths)
I remake that choice of course
The price is much mounted at the time he was in the € 850, I paid € 550 in secondhand