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Thread Convert multi-part track into a single event file?

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1 Convert multi-part track into a single event file?
I made a vocal track out of separate “glued” events (thus making the track a PART, not an event).

Now, I want to edit the part in Melodyne1. However, when I try to open the track in Melodyne, there is no way to drag over that entire vocal track (Cubase only wants to see the separate EVENTS (in my song’s audio folder).

Is there a way to convert my vocal track so that it is actually ONE single event file (so I can open that single track in Melodyne & not having to open up a million separate event-files?

Or, am I going about this all wrong? Is there a better way to accomplish my goal?
You should export the track as one single audio file.
Yes, this is what I have learned. Thanks for the reply. You would THINK Cubase would have made a more "internal" way (not resorting to mix down), huh?
Maybe there is. In sonar there's a bounce to track function.
I just tried "BOUNCE SELECTION" from the audio menu.

Without doing any kind of export or mixdown, I highlighted events (inside a part) that I wanted to convert into a single part & bounced.

This seemed to do exactly what I wanted.

Some people suggested a more detailed method involving exporting & mixdown. I am curious if all that served a better purpose.