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Thread What tool should I use for mastering?

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1 What tool should I use for mastering?
The time for me has come to master.

I have a few tools available to me.

1. Universal Audio UAD-1 card (loaded to the max)
2. Steinberg Wavelab
3. IK T-racks 24
4. Waves Diamond bundle

Which tool should I use to get the job done?
...hmmm...well you don't tell us what kind of music you want to master :???:
I usually use Wavelab - as for the plug-ins I would probably choose waves over U-Audio...but that is a matter of taste. If you want more coloration then go with U-Audio - Waves seems to me a bit more precise.
As for T-Racks - well that works too of course. But in WaveLab you have better functions for Mastering purposes...

Hope this helps