Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2
Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2

ReCycle 2.2, Digital Audio Editor from Reason Studios in the ReCycle series.

Pictocube 06/23/2011

Reason Studios ReCycle 2.2 : Pictocube's user review

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No installation problems.
Easy configuration.
No incompatibilities.
I never read the user's manual.


I use it mainly on a powerful Imac, I haven't noticed any limitations... Be it with my Quatafire 610 or, nowadays, my MOTU Audio Express. Very stable software, except for some impossibilities or surprises with somewhat long samples.


I've used it since it came out, I think. It has practically not evolved, except for its nicer-looking design.
It's value for money is not very good, let's just say that given the price of Reason and that this accessory is (almost) indispensable for it, Propellerhead could include it with Reason.