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Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro 1.x
Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro 1.x

Digital Audio Editor from Syntrillium

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Thread from cep 1.2 to beyond.........

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1 from cep 1.2 to beyond.........
nice place, glad i found it......after using the first real release cep 1.2? of cool edit for 5years, am upgrading to cep 2.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now, this is after using sonar for a bit, tracktion for a bit, acid etc......and i found them to be bollocks when comparing ease of use....hopefully, this new cep (new for me!) will be just as intuitive....if not, its back to orig. version

yeah, im a stick stuck in time
yeah, i sold by vs880 roland for a tascam dp-01

cause its easy baby.!!!!!!!!

if this where im supposed to list my crap?
epi crestwood, re-iss strat, champ orig, roland microcube

hey, where can i rent a band in greensboro.....meaning i play lead and sing and everyone else tows the line!