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Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro 2.x
Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro 2.x

Thread Cool Edit Pro 2.0 recording problem

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1 Cool Edit Pro 2.0 recording problem
Hi there!
I'm haveing problems with recording in Cool Edit Pro.When I click record and sing on my microphone or playing on my guitar there's no output signal.Maybe its because my sound card have many inputs and in Cool Edit Pro in Device Properties its listed only Hercules 16/12 FW Multichannel.Please help me.Thanks and long live!!!

I have Hercules 16/12FW audio interface and 2.4 Celeron with 1 gig DDR.
I've fixed the problem with recording.Now when I press rec program starts to record a wave but now I don't hear what I'm singing or what I'm playing.I hear the backing track but not the recording channel on my headphones or on my loudspeakers.Please help me.Thanks!
when i record my voice its is fine for like 10-20 seconds then it starts to speed up in a chipmunk voice can anybody tell me why or how to fix it pleaz
At first I was getting along fairly well learning how to record at home with an Alesis eight track Then a track from a seesion just done does somehow get into another session and erasing a track as well as going for wonderful listening. I will give you a day at your wedding if you can help me
thank you