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covax 08/24/2011

Edirol M-16DX : covax's user review


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The M-16DX features 16 input channels that you can tweak with digital effects built and manage scene memories. This innovative approach is the result of the modular concept employed by EDIROL for mixing applications. As the M-16DX is also equipped with a USB 2.0 port for connecting digital computer, it can be transformed into controller choice for your digital audio workstation. Certainly, EDIROL helps on all fronts for your computer-assisted production.

Mixing system based on two separate units for comfort and flexibility

The M-16DX can manage up to 16 inputs at 96kHz and a resolution of 24 bits while preserving all digital resources promised. Even static automation is meeting with 16 scene memories for instant loading. And, of course, each channel has its own 3-band parametric equalizer.

USB 2.0 audio interface capable of operating at 24 bits/96kHz

The M-16DX is equipped with an audio interface 18 channels (16 inputs and 2 main outputs) for your computer. This allows you to save the whole group on separate tracks before adding then the vocals, the guitar solos and other by connecting a condenser microphone, guitar etc.. the I / O module of the M-16DX.

Mode controller with 52 orders and 40 buttons to control your digital workstation

The party system console M-16DX can be transformed into controller as sophisticated as friendly audio software such as Cakewalk SONAR and Apple Logic Pro. Finally, you can record and mix in a truly intuitive, forget the mouse and the keyboard shortcuts to focus on purely creative work.

Digital audio processing "24/96"

Indulge yourself by offering you a brilliant audio quality. The M-16DX performs all audio processing at 96kHz with a resolution of 24 bits, giving your productions clarity and refinement that you envy. With this system, the subtleties hitherto reserved for professionals are available to all.

3-band EQ

Each channel offers the following process units: high-pass filter, 3-band EQ, pan, AUX, select, solo / mute and level adjustment. The band of the medium of the equalizer has a command "Q" (width) and to specify the frequency. With treatment 24 bits/96kHz internal handling of audio signals does not cause any unintended damage.

Modular Mixing

Do not rely on the small size of the M-16DX because it is a system comprising two units: the control console that you install on your desktop and the module I / O can be housed in a rack. Together, these two compact units offer flexibility unimaginable until now in terms of connections and treatment.

EDIROL Innovation: the mastery of the acoustic

The M-16DX is the first compact mixing system to provide a backlit LCD screen that can show the impact effects on the signals or the spectrum of your mix! In addition, this system provides a function "Room Acoustic Control" which measures the acoustics of the room where you work and compensates for any "holes" or "bumps" in the frequency response. Fast, simple and effective.

Built-in effects

The M-16DX features a DSP effects processor provides everything you need: the effects of integration with DSP modeling, several reverb / echo effects and "finalized".

Flexible connectivity and USB 2.0 audio interface with 18 inputs / 2 outputs

The system offers any analog and digital connectivity you could want. Channels 1 through 4 are equipped with mic preamps with phantom power and, most importantly, a switch to "Hi-Z" for channels 1 and 2 for connecting an electric guitar or bass. Channels 11 and 12 are equipped with digital inputs in S / PDIF (coaxial and optical). With USB 2.0, finally, this system can serve as mixing multichannel audio interface.

- 16x channel full digital mixer with 24bit/96kHz internal processing
- 3 band EQ controls with graphic LCD for precise tone shaping
- Easy-to-use operation with common analog mixer controls
- 2 piece mixer + module design
- "Room Acoustic Control" for automatic room compensation
- Built-in pro-quality effects
- Including COSM insert effects, reverb effects, and finalize effects
- Flexible thomann analog and digital I / O Including high-quality oven mic preamps
- 18-in/2-out USB 2.0 audio interface for computer multi-track recording

Includes AC adapter, cable connection (2mtr/6ft) and Cakewalk Sonar LE CD-ROM. I / O module dimensions: 44 x 280 x 219mm (HxWxD)
I / O module weight: 1.6kg
Mix controller dimensions: 46 x 311 x 216mm (HxWxD)
Mix controller weight: 1.2kg


Very easy to use, within hours we control everything.
Multiple backups can save config "scene".
Very easy to use.
Small screen but very adequate, well thought out material.


We begin to hear the blast when you put the knobs more than 3 / 4 on the slopes or the preamp, like most stuff.
The corrections depend on the effects used and how they are used.
The treatments are very good, especially the "finalize" that really allow her to improve the condition of the appropriate mix of effects. Some do not seem very useful but it depends on the use that is all.


Fully satisfied because it is exactly what I wanted.
I do not use it as a sound card but as mixer.
So I can work in the studio or stage config (group) by using multiple outputs of my soundcard (Konnekt 24D) assigned to different tracks and finally listen all at the same time.
The sound quality is by appointment (no loss) even if we may regret a loss of earnings according to the connectors used. This will require a little up the volume of the amp.
Weakness: no MIDI, it's personal I do not mind, my sound card supports it but take it into account, it can be an unpleasant surprise for some.
The two modules can not be a multitude of cables in the feet.
The knobs are good bills and preamp as good as those of FA-101 for those who know.
The ergonomics are very good, quick start, the set weighs about 4 kilos, like a little treat. Depending on your config it will be unnecessary or essential, we must think about (as with any purchase of equipment home studio).
A product quality / price ratio unbeatable especially through the OCCAZ!
In my case, bought new in 2008 to € 388. (At its reduced price)