PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2
PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2

StudioLive 16.0.2, Digital Mixer from PreSonus in the StudioLive Classic series.

zorglup 03/04/2013

PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 : zorglup's user review

«  Super table but ... »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Table 16 tracks, 4 aux buses, double section Indeed, without digital motorized fader (it's flames but it's not really all that indispensble can visually locate a config fader and it avoids failures), the doc is on the Presonus site for details
To quibble effects per track would have been better, rather than just 2, but it is very good when même.Contrôlable by noon, but can not serve as a control surface for your DAW very very bad ... one Pouf point less
As a sound card too top 16 tracks!
Almost everything is memorable, effective slice scene equalizer:
You can save a setting slice and recall of another or three months later, I have a great example of setting microphone 2 jiffy I save my settings and recall them.
You can also save scene settings, such as I balance the coconut bar with the group "freaking desert foxes lost" if I returned six months later at the same place with the same group (and the same hardware) I remember the entire balance, thank you digital. That's great


Super simple setup, simple is hard, you have to read the manual a bit but not too much, everything is logical and well done track by fat channel is clear, it is a pleasure to use this table both in studio live in, there is even a recipe in the manual (which I recommend anyway), the software is excellent and one studio is really really good


Not breathing, everything is transparent, equalizer with two modes (plateau or peak) per tranche and a general equalizer (memorable) per hyper efficient, clear preamp, chopped his problem recording with firewire chip is not compatible


I use it for 8 months, everything is perfect for me
EXCEPT firewire ports, little or no windows portable firewire MUST ABSOLUTELY CHIP FIREWIRE TEXAS INSTRUMENT (Via also works), otherwise it can not be tart record, they are nice in the sav presonus anyway, but good I'm going around in circles before coming to register 16 tracks
The icing on the cake is to walk around with an ipad next to the singer and to refine a return to the onions, the control software is really well done.
Very good value for money, just the technological choice of firewire seems very questionable especially the firewire disappears gradually all laptops is really to consider before purchase, if your laptop express card bay 54 for € 20 you buy a firewire chip texas instrument is set, if your laptop already has a firewire port will see on the site if it is compatible PreSonus, and do not waste time searching for a usb firewire converter that n ' exist. that's how you lose 3 points just because I'm struggled before finding the solution, but when it works is divine

In summary great table, great sound, great ergonomics and digital
Firewire = poo pudding