Yamaha 01X
Yamaha 01X

01X, Digital Mixer from Yamaha.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 18 reviews )
 14 reviews78 %
 2 reviews11 %
 1 user review6 %

dsiBel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01X
For dtails see the card.
A well-designed machine. I like the look and rgonomie.
Faders motoriss non dbrayables. Be careful when opration automation same as I feel they are not the trs robust 60 mm faders.
Ditto for the gain knobs. They look fragile.
In short, it's a console handle with care, watch out for sharp people!
I prfer an e / s digital optical instead of coax.
MLAN sync only, word clock or ADAT not ...
The headphone out combined with the monitor is also dplorer. In the studio, I use the Stereo output to feed my monotors.


As I use the i88x with 01X, the facility does a galre. Mj firmwire driver and the console, several Reinstalling, hardware incompatibility. Anyway, a nightmare that lasted over a month and a half.
But once it works, is happiness. IDAL tool for the Maoists: Inerface Digital audio / MIDI CONTRL surface, mixing console nurique .... For me by, I Interacting with SX 2. There is no major conflict.
This is my Premire numrique console but I can say that getting started is simple once you read the manual and you have the idea.
Yamaha has Epargne of menu and sub menu no longer an end, everything is accessible (or almost) with simple buttons. Just a few remarks:
- The buttons and remotes internal PRS Botons slction layers of t would have better
- Menu edition of the effects is somewhat Drout.
I put 7 because of the difficulties I had to install it


The A / D and D / A are correct, although transpatents.
I am of the same opinion that all the world on pramplis: not great. Any fawn, there necessarily a weak link in any device in an always like 01X. I also saw her taking, close your eyes.
Sction for effect, I could finally hear rvrb real, not like those of cubase. But we must go with modration because I feel they cool quickly trs sound (the numrique what). Other effects (modulation, amp simlateur) are less interesting. Oh except the pitch is high trs!
The EQet the process dynamics are trs trs effective. Yamaha big thank you. The presets are a great value trs.


I use it for 2 months and I am just thrilled.
The Plus: Multifunctionality of the Reverb, EQ and dynamic integrated, motorized fader automation under SX (it's wonderful to see them move on its own, a patent customers!)
In -: Too fragile, not cache dusts on the faders (of dusts, there are among us), no real group of channels, hazardous installation.
The ratio quality / price trs interesting, it is almost given. My biggest concern is the life of the faders.
If possible, configure it with your PC at the saleswomen to avoid any dcption, especially if one is not double trs computer.
Yes I would do the choice, I look even better out of it or 02x

manututu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01X
Ohhh! How beautiful is the 01x!
good level analog inputs, will ... 8 inputs including 2 XLR with pramp (even when a little lightweight but good)
Output Level EHJV a little, 2 Stereo outputs, a headphone jack and an SPDIF, and the headphone level is the same as the standard monitor Gnant be little but good.
Otherwise motoriss faders, good effects (including an amp simulator, but not exceptional handy 4 band ...), qualiser Settings, dynamics processing on each slice and control everything from what the studio manager come quickly go through the menus.


A little time to properly configure the galre mLAN and samplitude Pourquié I pass it on Hard. and no worries, it's wonderful! is tapped little machine by looking at the screen, you forget the mouse, there is the pleasure of mixing on the real buttons. it's beautiful .... should grow well even when the levels I find the mic but nothing mchant.


The sound is clear, prcis, the quality of pramp trs suitable, I often add a pramp lamp and it's wonderful. back is just as beautiful, the sound that comes back is the same that was sent is not much to say.


I put 9 because perfection does not exist.
That said, the price of the console, there is nothing to say, she does everything and I'm not PRS me spare.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01X
The 01X is a numrique console, an audio interface for computer afternoon (mac & pc) and a control surface. It runs on a network of m-lan firewire port (large or small sizes). It has 8 inputs (2 xlr power supply with fantme and 6 jacks for guitar input + 8). There is also a between numrique (spdif). Outputs to, monitor, headphone (1) and numrique. MIDI: 2 in and 2 out.
It possde increments of equals, a sction effects ddies dynamics and 2 multi-effects gnralistes.
It can be automated but beware that from a squenceur.
It possde from a firewire m-lan for other perifs like 88x (extension of the same brand to grow 16 entries).
Overall, it trs complete with a small BMOL between 6 input jack (we would prfr the power supply with XLR fantme).


The config is very simple and the manual is a bit lightweight (but in French, thank you). That said, when we practiced a little bit of bte, everything is in order and you get to do what you want.
Big positive point for the implementation complte sequencers (cubase for me), all are direct ACCS pr-configured, the level is very easy to use.
Ngatif point: m-lan drivers are fairly resource-intensive, careful not to run the machine with too little computer. (Me: laptop with PIV 2.8 ghz and 512 ram, a generally well run, about fifty audio tracks if there are not too many plug-ins).


The preamps are not evils. The effects of dynamic properties are plutt (thank you presets), are the equals of the great (re-thank you presets) and multi-effects are correct.
For me, in this area, so good.


I use it for 6 months and I am satisfied with TRS.
- All on one cable
- The effects of dynamic
- The property equals trs trs
- Two multi-effects
- Well think the connections (and outputs to the monitor)
- The screen (not on its competitor (tascam fw))
- Sound
- The CONTRL perfectly integrated into the sequencers
- Size

- 2 XLR inputs that
- Resources necessary to run the pilot
- Ergonomics at the beginning rather complex

At that price if you count the one audio interface numrique afternoon, the multi-effects, a surface CONTRL, table numrique mix, the ratio quality price is unbeatable.

I bent the beginning louse tascam fw, but I prfr the Yamaha because of the screen and built-in effects.
If c'tait again .... no problem, I go back!

acoustica's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01X
Digital audio interface / MIDI and control surface.
Integrated DSP effects
Compatible in most sequencers known.
Cursors short but sufficient, and motorized.


Implementation difficult for a beginner.
Installation a bit tricky to implement but guided by the windows ...
Manual organized.
The orders are clear for me.


Excellent sound, very pro ...
Transparency record.
Quality effects ready. Guitarists, you APREC sounds with delay and distortion amp simulator.
High quality preamp. False rumors that they are zero!
In fact, taken on the microphones, with a good micro (very important, no stage or microphone preamp with external) is very good ...


I love it!
A quality / price ratio very interesting.

Regret very stupid: a switch monitors / headphones to mute the speakers while recording. A tip: connect its active monitors with a power switch on and off with each shot voice!

I would do that choice again!

Aktivist's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01X
See above for dtails ...
just missing out supplmentaires to work in 5.1 and WDM drivers working in recording (WDM driver for playback only) ... but hey, there's certainly a partnership with Steinberg in the air for mLan ... so it's really optimized ASIO for now ...
one last little BMOL the 60mm fader, even if I find a sufficient personal and non-touch (but there is a button to resume or returning control of the motor faders trs works well. ..), it was for those that compare with the Tascam FW1884, but the Yamaha assets Whereas the Tascam has not ... see below


Easy setup, everything is clear, the manual is very well done, and the ergonomics are well thought plutt ...
everything is very well done! updates the drivers and firmware have filled some bugs ...
It's like a standalone 01V, and Remote, you have a Mackie Control ... of happiness ... 2 for the price of one!! Intgr and effects allow you to offload your CPU expensive treatments with a more assignage bus and intuitive ... PC-01X dialogue is transparent particulirement ... and in addition you have a DSP card in the lot ... will: 3 in 1 ...


L word, it's just perfect, the quality of high-end Yamaha ...
trs good sound, fully transparent converters, internal effects of good quality and good rendering trs ...


I've had little time but I toured the opportunity to test all the features and limitations of the device, and I think it is a tool which he gnial trs lack little to be just perfect ... but for that price, it's standard, the more I toured the functionality DIFFERENT MODELS competitors, and only the 01X met my requirements
I do it again this choice without hsiter!! even if I hsit dpart with the Tascam, but the standalone mode and DSPs have made the diffrence Intgr ...

-k-'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01X

a minimum: for the price tascam owns more connectors.


Through plusiquers intall / uninstalled at beginners and install new drivers (many plsu stable), I must say it is easy to use, a regret that the driver does not start at boot, Bond click on "on" each time it nerva ...
Otherwise, it's ultra easy to use, in Drout beginners because it gets lost in the menu ... but you get done quickly and I do not understand how I could always do the mouse before!!
The manual is very complete ... want before I did not know much about consoles and j'tais a bit lost but I soon realized ...
We say that the faders are too short ..... no longer needed, it is more than enough ...
01X channel module allows for the equalization of the concole and reminds them in cubase ... ultra-convenient ..
The plugins are really good book ...


The sound is what's !!!!!
Mutli powerful effect trs, trs good EQ.
Before I had an Edirol UA-20 ... has nothing to see ...


It's been one month and I start, I think well go out with me.
J'hsitais with tascam ... and if I do it again c'tait repeat the same choices and j'conomiserai time to head me for nothing ...

Gilwtt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01X
Everything has been said above


Configuration gnrale trs well.
It's ergonomic and accesible.
The manual is pretty much done, I beginners on a console digital and after a few hacks and readings Roulle ca.


Trs sound good my taste (rl a step forward), having said that I spend an M-Audio Delta 24/96 this console.
Effects of trs always good quality in my opinion ....


I'm on it for 1 month and to be honest ke m'clate.
What makes the Difference rlle with other products in this range is the LCD screen, we see koi hack it and that's not a luxury, however it is 60mm faders CarRent short (little better but hey what the price!).
Report quality unbeatable price I think even if some knobs on trend in the fingers .... but hey again when you have a control surface, a console digital and a sound card, all for 1600, plus plugs of quality is more than respectable.
With the hindsight that I (my first console numrique, it is still important that I prcise, more passion and I am not professional) I would do this choice without hesitation.

Note: For info my cat pissed on at the transport buttons / zoom / console ....( scrub off) and bin it still works.
After opening of the 01X to clean it was perceived that the circuit boards are tilted, allowing the evacuation of liquids to the bottom mtallique (the cover is in mtal egallement)

So finally, for a home studio with me is a premium product, I do not live, and for others I think there are ways to find great satisfaction.
I will put an 9 / 10 well packed.

olivier2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01X
Console numrique mLAN (Firewire) table non rackable, Intgr audio and midi, 8 mic / line inputs with 2 XLR Mlane between 16 channels (44.1 kHz, 48 kHz), 8 channels ( 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz), 2 units of internal effects (43 types prdfinis), A / DD / A 24-bit, 1 between numrique, a Stro. Stro output bus, Bus REC, Bus auxiliary bus effect. LCD display (very practical)
PC / MAC and supports DIFFERENT software (Cubase, Logic, Sonar, etc ...)
comes with plugins (excellent quality and squenceur yamaha


The documentation is very well done and complements. The installation (PC) was done in minutes without problem, the LCD and see very practical and essential for me that's what makes the diffrence with the tascam. All important information are posted and we know you are always o. Utisa The console is intuitive and simple APRS have assimilated the principle of operation of a console numrique.
All buttons are high quality and well placed, but not tactile faders motoriss.

I expect the new drivers for Cubase as the original must be put in the 01X "mackie control".
Logic gre 01X better today.


For my part, I find a trs sounds good, the effects are of excellent quality and good dynamic trs.


I use it for one month and I do not regret my choice, it is complte and is what I expect from a console in a 3 numrique. No latency, sufficient inputs and outputs, internal effects. With the same tactile faders and c'tait rack and perfect but it happens quite easily.

Congratulations Yamaha is a truly remarkable product that was missing on the market. His report QualitPerformance / trs price is right given the CHARACTERISTICS provided.

If you are looking for a console numrique all in one, easy to use and powerful, the Yamaha O1X is perfect!