Yamaha 01V96i
Yamaha 01V96i

01V96i, Digital Mixer from Yamaha in the 01V series.

micheljulien 05/04/2012

Yamaha 01V96i : micheljulien's user review

«  Of happiness!! »

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Rackable 19 phr, optional kit (are a bit stingy though)

See the specifications in Yam, it would too much for my ptits fingers (and my brain has not registered any!!)

There's everything you need little (semi pro)


Good that comes from my analog it asks me hard, but I have no training at the base and I find the sound "as the last 4 years" in spite of everything, I manage to secure some prestas live, and Best of all, I even catch his 16-track via the usb.

So I would say that this creature was subdued and relatively easy

The manual in pdf, it is not always simple


For me coming out of a mackie cfx20, it has changed my life, this may be psychological, I still does very little confidence in my ears, (you know, the kind of spirit to sondier always begging for advice goal on a these are his buddies zicos!)

In all cases after them, too cool at all levels!


I've had one month, and I already know how I did without it!

I sort of analog (Mackie cfx20, rack comp / equalo / multi effect ......) frankly reduce the weight of the gear at this point, for me it's magic, even if this requires too much hassle a little in the menus and settings!

What I like least: The price (2100 € in AVLS which is the best take I've found) in the omni outputs Djack out (but then I think I push the plug!!)

In ctte price range, I recommance tomorrow Aplus twice, LS9 16 why not! (Who sponsors me?)