Yamaha 01V96i
Yamaha 01V96i

01V96i, Digital Mixer from Yamaha in the 01V series.

riles 11/24/2014

Yamaha 01V96i : riles's user review

« A good toolbox »

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In summary, this is a 01V96-VCM plus 16 e / s ASIO or Core Audio-USB.

32 mono input channels on two complete layers of faders.
4-way stereo inputs on simplified two layers of knobs.
8 group buses + 8 auxiliary stereo mix bus + 1 hand. No Matrix.
4 effects processors such SPX2000 freely assignable.
4-band parametric EQ + compressor + time + insert + gate on each input channel.
4-band parametric EQ + compressor + time + insert on each output channel.

12 mic / line inputs on XLR and TRS insert freely assignable analog +
4 line inputs on TRS freely assignable
2 XLR line outputs for the main mix
4 outputs freely assignable online TRS
2 control room outputs TRS headphone output +
2 e / s line on RCA recorder and playback
1 e / s coax SPDIF (2 channel)
1 e / s optical ADAT (8 channels)
1 USB port with 8 i / o and 16 MIDI i / o ASIO or Core Audio (I think):
1 YGDAI expansion slot allowing to add 16 e / s in the format you want.
1 e / s BNC Word Clock
usual trio MIDI: IN / OUT / THRU

Scene memories. Gains / PAD are not stored.
Patch Memories.
Copy and paste from one track to another in the same scene memory or in several others.
Sauvergarde and recall all settings control + live via PC / Mac with Studio Manager.
External automation via MIDI.

Very versatile:
Traditional mixer,
Sound card,
MIDI card,
Freely configurable MIDI control surface or dedicated to the most popular DAW (ProTools and Cubase particular).


As menus! That said, the screen, small, black and white, is well organized. Above, we have general info (selected channel, scene memory, various statutes ...), surrounded the main display with all parameters accessible via the navigation buttons and scroll wheel, and bottom, a series of tabs indicating clearly where you are. The direct access to the tabs buttons (just below the screen) and User Defined Keys much easier navigation. The interface is very close to a DM1000.
Access to auxiliary sends is one pressing dedicated buttons, allowing live to be very responsive. Downside: when you're on the Aux faders, the screen always displays the menu. As soon as displays another screen (EQ, effects processor ...), the faders return to their usual function.
Access to EQ is simple: you select the track you select the EQ band, then turning the three knobs (Q, F, Gain).
Access to the pan is similar.
For other settings, you have to go through the menus, navigation buttons and the dial. It does not allow an exemplary reactivity, but it's better than a LS9.


The sound is okay but not great. If you are looking for high fidelity or strong character, look elsewhere.
In terms of sound appears above the M7CL and the old 01V, 02R and 03D below.


I frequently use or have used many of Yamaha digital consoles (ProMix01, 02R, 03D, 01V, DM1000, DM2000, 01V96, LS9, M7CL), only very large PM1D and PM5D are barely past my fingers. I do not like so much these consoles: Yamaha is cheese OR dessert ... Apart from the very high end, there are always features that are missing, and the more expensive models are best served. I think Yamaha pays his pioneering liability in the mixer for live and struggling to get out of its archaic designs.

The M7CL a bright color display (vaguely touch, you have to cut the nails, calluses erase her, do not press too hard or not enough), but no delay on the input channels (essential for the rephase microphones of battery).
The LS9 also has a color screen, but not touch at all. Ergonomics is worse than a M7CL, but also worse than a DM1000 or 01V96, it is the level of the old 01V, but in color. In short, the time to navigate to the feedback of the time, the song is already over. No reggae with LS9.
The DM2000 is a liner, but there are only two knobs for EQ band: you have to press one of them to move from Q to the frequency and vice versa. This is crap.
Those that seem suitable, it is the DM1000 and 01V96. (I do not quote 02R96 I never used). From there we can discuss the tone.
The new CL series and QL seem to avoid the pitfalls of city-and a few others, but I remain cautious ...

It's been a few years that all console manufacturers have gone digital. Unfortunately, I am a victim of Yamaha steamroller that crushed the console market in France, so I have not really had the opportunity to use all the models, except for the Sy48 Innovason ( easy to use when you are met and super) a small Presonus (which I recommend), a Soundcraft with remote patch.

To return to the 01V96i:
I like its compactness, its comprehensive features, the integrated ASIO driver. I will accommodate her any sound.
I use it a lot in theater direction: it simultaneously uses his card, MIDI controller, and dissemination processor. Each show is saved in Studio Manager. I have not seen more convenient for the theater.
In concert, ergonomics and sound quality are not ideal, but its compact size, functionality and price make the still very useful when resources are limited.
In the studio, I use it as a control surface for Pro Tools (also manages other DAW), as the card (priority I am using e / s with digital converters and preamps) and as listening without mixer latency. Similarly, Studio Manager allows me to save the config of each session.