FP User 10/31/2008

Yamaha 02R V2 : FP User's user review


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It's a digital mixer. Most digital mixers do about the same, offer the same features, but of course with different sonic quality and different ways of using them. You have your usual dynamics processor and eq on every channel, pre-amps on the first 8 channels. Motorized faders which can record a mix, aux sends, etc... You can map the inputs from digital signal via installed cards or the actual analog inputs. There are 100 scene memories which store your fader settings, panorama, eq, etc... You can also save eq and compression settings along with chorus/reverb settings. If you need more channels, you can always cascade 4 02r's together. chances are that I'll go for another 02r if I need more analog inputs. There are also effect processors that fully integrate with the 02r that you can add. So, features, not a lot more that I'd expect that isn't there.

Price paid

$1,700 USD


As a person that had no past experience with digital mixers, the 02r was a pain to set up with a MOTU 2408. After learning about connectivity with other devices, several looks at the manual, and tech support e-mails with motu and yamaha, everything turned out how it was supposed to. After getting the hang of the console, functions are pretty straightforward. Not much that I would change from the way the mixer is set up as it is. If you're experienced with digital mixers and the like, you'll have an easy time getting the hang of an 02r. If not, it's a good learning experience.

I purchased the 02r used. No problems with it so far. The console is used everyday. At times, for 12-hour sessions.


The sound quality of the 02r is pretty good depending on what you want out of a mixer. The eq section on the 02r is accurate, which is what I usually go for. So I find myself using the eq more often than not, although I usually aim for less use of effects and getting what I want out of a recording session or any electronic instrument that I may be using. The dynamics processor on the 02r works well more often than not. The downfall is that when using heavy compression, the sonic output is pretty bad. If limiting is your thing though, you may like the dynamics processor more than I. The 02r has two send effects, your usual chorus, reverb, and other effects which are essentially chorus with a little clever use. I don't use them much at all but they're pretty decent. If you find yourself using reverb often and chorus, you may find these pretty handy and will probably use them often. You can also use apogee expansion cards which can give you analog to digital and digital to analog conversions if you must use apogee converters.


I enjoy working with the console very much. I would use a different console if I had to no problem. I don't depend on the console as much as I do with my software multi-tracker (cubase SX). So where I wouldn't trade-in SX for another software package, I'm flexible on the console. As long as the sound quality is good, I'm game. I lean towards simplicity and while the 02r is not always simple, I enjoy it regardless.

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Posted by: sleepy ( 6-, 2004)