Boss BR-1180/1180CD Digital Recording Studio
Boss BR-1180/1180CD Digital Recording Studio

BR-1180/1180CD Digital Recording Studio, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.


Boss BR-1180/1180CD Digital Recording Studio : MGR/CRAIG DURHAM's user review

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I had been looking for a fairly inexpensive multi-track digital recorder for some time, One that you dont have to be a computer nerd to understand or use. I bought this unit new for $950 from Maytan Music in Reno Nevada in June '04.

Easy to use is mainly what I had in mind and this machine is just that. After a quick review of the manual and watching the how-to-use video,I was on my way to recording tracks! Controls are laid out simply and the screen walks you through the process.Built-in guitar & vocal FX are a nice feature as are the drum tracks. The on-board CD burner produces professional sounding,studio quality CD's. Ten digital tracks are more than enough for my needs. A friend of mine bought a computer-based recording system around the same time and he's still trying to get it to work! I'm not far from finishing my first solo album!

The only thing I do not like about this recorder is that you can only record two tracks simultaneously.(with the BR1600 you can record 8 at a time).This is OK by me,as I can only play one instrument at a time anyway! But for recording a Group,it is nice to be able to dedicate indvidual tracks.

The quality is very good. Not at all cheap.Quite sturdy. Perfect for the home recording studio set up. Hook it up to some monitors and you're ready to go. A heavy duty road case would be recommended if taken out.

I am very pleased with this machine,a welcome upgrade from the 4 track cassette based unit I've had for years. If you need to get your songs recorded quickly and want them to sound professionally done and dont need to record more than 2 tracks at a time,this is the unit to get. RECOMMENDED!

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