Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder

BR-600 Digital Recorder, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

lsotis 06/17/2010

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder : lsotis's user review

«  easy, convenient and so useful »

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Everything has been said and for the price, the machine could not be more complete. The BR800, two days out there is even a bit more (audio interface + inc 4 tracks simultaneously) but also costs 33% more expensive (399 €). Ok, it is also sexy but is it really important?


The configuration could not be simpler. The explanation of the manual are very clear and if like me you do not know (i) ez nothing, keep your anxiety, it'll be all alone ... with a little patience and perseverance.
The duties will include pricipales quickly.
The card came with is there for a grip but it's very soon enough.
Refuel with software that can run as BRWC because it will help save considerable time and bring much in terms of usability. they could provide it with anyway.


I did not know enough and do not compare to say if the converters are "transparent." So I would say simply that the sound quality made suits me perfectly for my use.
I have not tried to record a song as if it would be edited can tell me the limits of the machine.
I found the 2 mics frankly amazing and it reaches a result of the most compelling long as it exaggerates not on set.
Effects: In general, I do not like the boss effects. Still, again, for that I use, there is more than I need for my "drafts".


I use it regularly for a little over 18 months now. It is quite complicated to find a mag with a lot of recording the same range in stock and stroke, which is normal, they will try to "peddle" priority they have in stock. So I relied on different forums to make my choice.
I wanted this unit to throw my ideas (I tend to forget) which are then presented to the group.
I am using only the drum machine only to find a pattern that "glue" and accompany the idea. Our drummer will do the rest so much better than me.
The simulated low disservice but it should not ask for more.
So I record a guitar part (the basic idea), sometimes a second but then again, I'd rather do it the other guitarist who puts his Grian salt on the idea. And that's it.
I use it also to record rehearsals where there, he wonders if I will not undermine the adjustment at the start and if we manage to avoid making a mess of sound in our cramped room.
Also ideal for transplanting the sound of a mixing desk at a concert or simply record the concert with integrated microphones. Attention then not be placed too close to the public under penalty really hear it too, between titles, but also during.