Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder

BR-600 Digital Recorder, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

coup de foudre 05/23/2010

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder : coup de foudre's user review

«  Excellent hardware »

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Just missing an XLR, so not feeding ghost but you can connect one outdoors. A hand has jack and mini jack to which you can connect anything you want (with an adapter for XLR).
It can record two tracks conjuction and read the eight at the same time.
The data are stored on memory cards 1GB, starting very difficult to find but all the same comfortable enough in size: it can store a dozen songs orchestras Manir fairly complete you (if you just a voice and a guitar, it can store much more).


Usage is fairly simple and largely intuitive I think. For some functions that use it too often, a return to the manual (very well done) but needed more help "tame" the beast. And I should say, "monster" because when you see his size, one wonders how he can contain as much technology.


At the sound of the digital creation is ben ... It shows exactly the sound that he injected (on pregnant neutral). Though there is a mediocre sound, no miracle Hoping. But if the sound of exile has good, as we find out how.
Regarding the effects, everything what you may need: for voice, guitar and bass. However, for the guitars, you have to like the effects "Boss". And if you take the time to carefully rgler, we can make very good songs with nothing but the BR600 is - ie without external effects.
Personally, I prefer my own effects and have had very little use of internal effect but I would like to even acknowledge their good qualities.


I use it for two years now and have never t's.
Specifies that I have given the difficulty of trying this type of hardware store, my choice was made largely reading DIFFERENT forums. And no regrets.
The report / as irreproachable quality (to me), I would do it without hesitating choice for a first recorder. I pass from a model that has the same manufacturer multimdia but continues to use the booster for BR600 in transporting and handling easier.