Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder

BR-600 Digital Recorder, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

marc74 11/12/2011

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder : marc74's user review

«  Swiss Army Knife of creativity! »

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the manual is fairly complete ..
bcp can do things with this little machine
is its scalability is reduced but it is a great notebook music!!
also following me .. I am computer music regenerates out of my mind an idea as quickly .. my guitar .. a pattern battery (you can set ..) .. a simulated low my voice, and one begins to Thurs ....
inspiration is transcended!


.. it's okay to not try to make a product that goes on the air with the 600 br!
but if you want to have your machine model and under the arm at any time an idea comes to you .. it is terrible


I had one before the computer music AW 2400 Yamaha ...
not pout the same things .. great machine pro
br 600 but its strength is my job to remember cassettes of kids
bcp most advanced ... but it is a reliable partner (boss)

it is on should not make him fall (plastic)
storage capacity is limited (a go I think ..)
but he communicates very well with the PC through its USB so we reverse on his computer and voila (or is the problem of storage ?????)!!!

I mean when in the opinion of some talking about his technical abilities exceeded I understand .. but I think it is not the approach of this machine ..

it is a tool for inspiration!
and I will not compare my Mac to my boss and RME!

He put the tools at hand to put your ideas very quickly and save up other things correctly.

This is what the br .. 600

Moreover, as such I'm eyeing the side of the zoom r8
br is a better and who can make use of portable audio interface and more ...


we all work according to our needs and expectations .. do not quite confused
BR 600 is a great machine in its register
If your philosophy is primarily to create music and have a quick result.