Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder

BR-600 Digital Recorder, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

bdkboss 04/03/2012

Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder : bdkboss's user review

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jack connectivity via various channels for (instrum., microphone, line in) stores your work on flash memory card.
8-track recorder with 4 stereo (ie up to six simultaneous tracks) + virtual tracks, one arrives at 48 tracks in total!
Perfect for demos or stream before the first studio :)


that says very complete say quite complicated to use! However, with a little determination and the manual handy you can manage. the drum machine I think is the least intuitive of function.


tool sounds really great, but after several enregsitrements, I would strongly advise you that a record low "old" (bass + amp + mic) as in simus bass amplifier, there is a lack of presence and dynamics. nothing to say for the rest


I use it for 4 years now, I hesitated with a sound card + pc (which I think is more pro) but I was seduced by the ease of installation, transportation and use (once we understand the operation)