Boss BR-900CD Digital Recording Studio
Boss BR-900CD Digital Recording Studio

BR-900CD Digital Recording Studio, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

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larsen647 04/19/2013

Boss BR-900CD Digital Recording Studio : larsen647's user review

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What connection possibilities (analog, digital, MIDI, etc.) does it offer?
- Analog: jack/xlr/rca inputs, rca and headphone output
- Digital: no input, optical output
- MIDI: only one out
- USB 2

- What kind of memory does it use (ZIP, MiniDisc, HDD,...)? CD-R/RW (an important detail is that it only works with the PSU, which means that if you are using it with batteries, you won't be able to burn CDs);
Compact Flash type I (from 32 mb up to 1 Gb); (if the device's firmware is updated to version 2.12!!!!)

At what sample rate (bits/kHz) does it work? 24 bits/44.1 kHz

What syncing options does it support? midi (MMC)

How many tracks can it record/play back simultaneously? ...
Simultaneous recording: 2 tracks
Simultaneous playback: 8 tracks
Every track has 8 virtual tracks, for a total of 64 tracks, but you can only play back 8 simultaneously, the subtlety of this "virtual" aspect is that you can bounce maximum 8 tracks onto a single stereo track.


Is it easy to make settings?
Yes and no, the console side of it is reassuring, but you really need to dive into the users manual to make the best of it. However, it has nothing to do with a computer, I managed to create a masterpiece in only one hour (but the world is still not ready to listen to it...).

Is the user's manual clear and comprehensive? ... 232 pages for your entire satisfaction!

Is it easy to access the main functions? Generally speaking, yes, the manual includes an index to go to the essentials.


For the time being, I have only made direct recordings (guitar, amp, vocals): It sounds great!

Concerning the COSM simulations: I haven't used them to this day, so I can't say much about them.

The reproduction is excellent, if the original recording is good, obviously.


I've had it for a week. I bought it secondhand and if you plan to do the same, ask the seller if he or she updated it, otherwise it's a real pain with the compact flash cards and if you don't have the cards, you can forget about recording anything, unless you use CDs, but then again, you have to plug it to the mains.
Go read in the forums about the cards. I used a tutorial to update mine from a CD.
You can still find compatible cards available at ,,,,,,, in Germany.
For the price and the humble use I give it, YES I'd recommend it.