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I am looking to buy a laptop/notebook for my son so that he can record the music he produces my question is do Apple Macs offer a significant advantage over Windows based laptops?
I have worked with both Macs and Pcs, and I would say that the best bet is Mac. I currently use a desktop PC, but I think Mac is more stable as an operating system, and is better suited to making music. Although you can use either ( I am currently mastering an album project on an older pc), I will definitely advise anyone to go with the Mac. Hope this helps!
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Go with the mac! PC never worked well for me. My macbook laptop has crashed maybe once or twice in the two years that i've had it. and i'm only talking software crashes, i just had to reopen the program i was running. i wouldn't go any other way. they are far for stable, not to mention way easier to set up hardware with.